A.k.a Mojo. (foaled february 2003)

Lolke Lolke Lolke Lolke Lolke Lolke
Friesian: Lolke

Our beautiful friesian stallion. This is the kind of horse fairy tales are based on! He stands 15.2hh has an elbow length mane, a forelock which falls off the end of his nose and a tail which touches the ground. He is as black as black can be, very athletic and extremely trainable with a kind, gentle nature.

Anton 343 appears on both sides of his pedigree (Anton is responsible for the hair!). Mojo has sired a number of foals to a variety of mares from Welsh section D's to Thoroughbreds, he seems to have stamped them all with excellent conformation and trainability, the hair appears on most of them too!

He stands for the 2008 season at £400.